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May 10, 2014

Discipleship Happens Everywhere

joe d mango


Joe and Bing with our Missions Director Michael Paderes


Almost two years ago, I was privileged to meet a great couple in church. Joe and Bing and their whole family got saved 2012 at Victory Greenhills. In less than a year, they brought more than 20 people to the Lord. It is amazing to see that the people they have discipled in Manila, are now bearing fruit.

Last year, Joe, Bing and the whole family moved to Canberra Australia. We knew God had big plans for the family. As they were fruitful making disciples in Manila, they would bring the same culture of discipleship in Australia.

Early this year I receive a call from Joe and Bing and they reported that there are more than 50 people who are being discipled in their home. Aside from the almost 100 people that gathered last month during a night of worship that they hosted at home.

It is amazing to see people from different nationalities and of different faith and beliefs come together to learn about God. That is discipleship at work.

Please continue to pray for Joe, Bing and the whole family as they continue to honor God and make disciples.



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