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December 30, 2011

Confronting your Pastor???

Hi Pastor Dennis. I’d like to ask what’s your take about having confrontational issues to pastors ’cause this year was tough between my church pastor and other members. The pastors are starting to do things unreasonably in the congregation which leads to devastating decrease in church members. It was so sad that I needed give it a thought of what is really happening. Now, is it wise to talk to these pastors? Is it right to say negative feelings towards them? Is it okay if they get offended?

I wouldn’t know what the pastor is doing but I would encourage the church to move in honor. What that means is not to blindly look at the other side but confront the pastor but in the most loving way since he is the shepherd of the church.

Personally I have two options when things like these happen and personally I would want our church members to do the same thing to me since I am now a pastor.

1. Honor me by going straight to me with their problems and complain. I feel that the pastor has the right to know how you feel so that he might be able to either repent or air his side. Most of the problems that happen in church is miscommunication. Honor him by not talking behind his back. Honoring also means not questioning his motives since no one can judge one’s motives.I also recommend if your church is run by a board of elders to go straight to the people who could do something about the problem.

2. Honor the pastor by transferring to another church if you cannot follow his leadership. I think ultimately the pastor will be liable and accountable to God for his actions and only God can change him. Also do not leave by spreading news about him. If you have confronted the pastor and he does not react positively or would not accept church discipline, there are other churches for you to go to. Find a pastor you can follow and be under authority.