June 27, 2012

Christian Filipino Bloggers Go Viral

This is quite a late post but two months I organized an event for Christian bloggers. One of the main idea of the meet was for Christian bloggers to connect and help spread great ideas. We had 70 bloggers attend the event. I think we have the most powerful message to offer to the world but if we don’t take advantage of the internet – we are missing one of God’s greatest tool to spread great news and ideas.

We were privileged to have two of the most influential bloggers speak that night. Sean Si, fellow Actlikeaman blogger and SEO specialist taught about the secrets of Search Engine Optimization. Sean and I go way back when he was still in high school. I had the privilege to disciple him then. Just great to see how God is using him as an influencer in his generation.

Carlo Ople, head of TV5 Internet and Social Media division inspired the bloggers to focus on their passion and even find a way to earn from it. Carlo is instrumental in my blogging career. I owe a lot to this man for pushing me to blog. Carlo also attends our church and attends our Victory Group and has discipled other men also.

I am excited to see Christians spread the gospel through the internet and blogging. I know this is start of something big.

Globe T@TT Awardee Mike Eijansantos of http://www.mylifeonboard.net/ consulting with Sean Si.



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