on discipleship

May 23, 2012

Celebrating our Discipleship Win

Ten weeks ago, we made a major decision to shift our Wednesday service to a discipleship group setting at our main hall. The goal was to get people into discipleship relationship. With our decision comes the shift from running a worship service on a Wednesday to becoming more intentional about making disciples.

We experienced a dip in our weekly attendance when we made that decision but the upside is that more than 200 people are getting discipled the past ten weeks. That’s 200 new people in Victory groups.

Tonight we celebrated a win with our 30++ Victory Group leaders who are helping us make disciples. I am excited with what God is doing in our church. As what they say, when you make disciples, you build the church but when you build a church it doesn’t automatically mean you are making disciples. Thank you to all our leaders. We appreciate the love!!!