living and active

When you think money has no life on its own, you are gravely mistaken. Money is ALIVE. It is living and active. It moves. Interest rates, inflation, risks – money moves. Money never stops. Try this experiment: Bury your money for 5 years and dig it up after. For sure you that money won’t have … Continue reading “living and active”


What do you usually drink everyday? Ice Tea, C2, Starbucks coffee! Do you know not drinking them would make you richer. Let’s do the math again: C2 usually cost P20. Let’s say you drink one bottle everyday. P20 x 30 days = P600 a month. Multiply it by 12 months 600 x 12 = P7200 … Continue reading “LATTE FACTOR”

speak to your wallet

Met with Jerry Bamba, one of the financial planner attending our church and his presentation of financial freedom just blew me away. The burden to see people SAVE (not just being saved by Jesus, but SAVE and invest money) is still a burden burning in my heart. Here is a blog I made last year … Continue reading “speak to your wallet”