– Last Sunday was awesome. We started off our series “WANT MONEY?” and Pastor Chinkee delivered a powerful message on God’s ownership. We had a number of people who got saved last Sunday. – One of them is someone who has been attending church for the past 3 months. Sunday was her day! She finally … Continue reading “I SIGNED UP FOR THIS”

books for the clueless

Just finished this book that would truly help all pastors and church planters. “MONEY MATTERS IN CHURCH” by Aubrey Malphurs. This has never been taught in seminary and bible school. A helpful book for clueless pastors on the subject of money management in church. Another book I highly recommend is Entrepreneurial Faith by Pastor Kibbyjon … Continue reading “books for the clueless”

Church Pirates

BE WARNED CHURCH PLANTERS AND PASTORS.CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO BY PASTOR ED YOUNG Something to think about. Totally agree with the thing Ed was saying. Let’s catch fish in the ocean and not in another boat.