Foundations first

In my last blog I talked about the principle of the 99 and 1. Every member of our church should understand that everyone matter to God regardless of their color, social status and age. As a church planter, one of our goal is to build the foundation of our members. Foundation in the WORD, PRAYER, … Continue reading “Foundations first”

99 and 1

Our 1st discipleship convergence in ULTRA last Saturday was AWESOME!!!– seeing 6000 leaders ready to take the gospel to the world was a thrilling sight.– how in the world could we have 6000 leaders in Metro Manila?– it was what was pass on to us and imparted to us by the leaders who have built … Continue reading “99 and 1”

principles vs methods

the purpose driven life campaign the G12 movement the laughter revival THE NEXT GREAT FAD OF CHURCH GROWTH WE PROMISE IT WOULD MAKE YOUR CHURCH GROW Does it really work? If we follow the latest fads or methods to church growth we might end up confused and frustrated. Methods are very subjective. it might work … Continue reading “principles vs methods”