Eat This Book

I want to counter this widespread practice of taking personal experience instead of the Bible as the authority for living. I want to pull the Christian Scriptures back from the margins of the contemporary imagination where they have been so rudely elbowed by their glamorous competitors, and reestablish them at the center as the text … Continue reading “Eat This Book”

How to Lead your Family

In this Victory Leadership Podcast, I interviewed Pastor Ariel whom I considered as one of my mentors when it comes to marriage and raising a family. Hope you enjoy this interview because I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Pastor Ariel and had a ton of notes after the interview.

Pray the Answer

Have you ever prayed a prayer where all you do is complain and whine about your situation. I can totally relate. It was one of my past hobbies when I was starting out in business. I prayed, “Lord, I am always in lack!”, “Lord when will my breakthrough come?”, ” How come I am sick?” … Continue reading “Pray the Answer”