on discipleship

May 12, 2011


One of our favorite hang place to bring the kid in Manila is the zoo. Alyanna and Mika’s first exposure to the animal is in that place. One of the biggest highlight of our trips is when we are able to go to their petting zoo where animals can just roam around and you can touch them. From snakes, boar, parrots and birds – the kids would really enjoy every minute of it.

When you go to the normal zoo, you would see caged tigers, lions, elephants and monkeys. Most of them are tamed already. You can’t see a running tiger or a roaring lion in the zoo. They have been domesticated. Eagles don’t soar their wings inside the cage. A lot of times I wonder whether we have raised disciples in church that are caged.

One of the fatal mistake of church leaders is to cage the people they build inside the church. We have kept them in church for the longest time and taken them away from their jungle (mission field). We have domesticated them and tied them up to the religious rules and traditions of the church. Men are created and brainwashed to be good boys and women are prepped up to be passive girls.

CAGED. Nothing exciting happens in the cage. It is time we put them out in the wild. We empower disciples to make disciples in their workplace and their mission field. The reason I thought of writing this blog is because of the 6 men I met today. All out in the cage making a difference.

Amazing what happens when you set men free to do the thing that God has called them to do. They run wild, they wreck havoc in a biblical way. They influence. They cultivate. They influence.

Lesson for today: Never caged a disciple. Empower them to make disciples and you will be amazed what God can do through them.