on church planting

August 11, 2011

Build with Us

Victory Greenhills is a thriving church of more than 2,000 people. It is our passion to honor God and make disciples through excellence in every area of our lives. Since our humble beginnings in 2007, we have since grown our worship services to three Sunday services and one Wednesday service, with several discipleship groups all over Metro Manila, and campus, government, and business outreaches that have spread to the four corners of San Juan City and beyond.

Our church in Greenhills believes the time has come for us to expand further and influence San Juan City in the name of Jesus. One of our top priorities is securing a larger space for our worship, discipleship, pastoral, and children’s services and events. Since 2007, we have held our services at the Music Museum in Greenhills; our Wednesday service takes place at the cozier Teatrino dinner theater in Greenhills. Our church has reached full capacity in most of our services, and we believe that the time has come for us to work together and reach more people in a facility that Victory Greenhills can truly call its own.

We therefore invite you to Build With Us.

Victory Greenhills has secured a space in the thriving V-Mall shopping center in the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Complex. Once this facility is complete, it will empower our Greenhills church to do the following:

  • Hold as many as seven Sunday services.
  • Maintain a state-of-the-art worship hall to house our weekend and weekday services, as well as other church events.
  • Maintain state-of-the-art facilities for our kids and youth.
  • Provide a spacious venue for Victory groups to meet, seven days a week.
  • Provide services and facilities that are friendly for our elderly and disabled brothers and sisters.
  • Give easier parking opportunities.
  • Provide easier accessibility for walk-in visitors.
  • Honor our volunteers by providing them a Volunteers’ Lounge in which to rest and recharge before and after our services and events.

Why build with us?

When you build with us, you do more than just participate in various programs that make a positive difference for San Juan City’s families, schools, businesses, services, and government institutions. You are making a statement that says you believe in investing in the future of the people of San Juan City.




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