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January 13, 2012

Bottleneck Discipleship

Churches stop growing when disciples are not being empowered. It is a proven fact – the way to kill a church is to not empower people to make disciples. You can have a great program and a nice worship hall but if you are not empowering people – you can’t grow.

We create bottlenecks when we don’t empower people to make disciples. Don’t be happy if you have a big small group. Don’t boast that there are 30 people attending your small group. Ask yourself, have I empowered them to make disciples? Are new leaders being released to fulfill the Great Commission? Am I responsible from holding people back from making disciples by not empowering them.

This year change how we make disciples. Empower people to go and make disciples!!!

Some practical tips on how we can empower:

1. If you are currently leading a small group and you have people under you that are spiritually progressing, encourage them to start leading small groups this year.

2. Some of the people you are leading keeps on inviting their friends to attend your group, tell them to stop inviting and tell him/her to start a victory small group with his/her friends.

3. Partner up. Some of the people in your small group just needs a little push. Try partnering them up together to lead a small group together. Two are better than one.

4. Let someone lead your group and jump start your own group. Some take a radical step and let someone else lead their small group while he/she starts a new one.

5. Ask for a commitment. Movers are committed. You cannot work with someone who is not committed. I learned this from a top executive of a company. He said as a leader you must learn how to sift people. See who is ready and see those who are not. If they are ready, empower them. If they are not – guide them and encourage them but you can’t force them.




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