February 25, 2011

Books I’ve read this past 2 months

The start of the year, I made a commitment to read at least 3 to 5 books a month to further my knowledge and to know more about Christ and His creation. I’ve tried a new thing this year by having a variety of books to read every month. From theological, pastoral, health, novel and business/management. Here are the books Ive read so far and I’ll give some recommendations.

1. PRIMAL by Mark Batterson – I read this book last year when it was released. Because of its impact I have to re-read it again and the impact it has on my life is amazing. If you want to know the essence of Christianity, read this book over and over again.

2. HOW THE MIGHTY FALL by Jim Collins – is your organization showing signs of falling. Find the reasons why. Applicable for churches of any size. The book spoke a lot to how I manage the church. Great read for pastors.

3. THE DUTY OF DELIGHT by John Piper – If you want a digested version of Desiring God – this book delivers it. Amazing insights from Pastor John Piper as he challenges us to delight in God because God delights when we delight in him. Makes Christianity really alive. This is a nice reading combo with Primal.

4. THE 4 HOUR BODY by Tim Ferriss – this book has revolutioned my health and eating habits. On my way to reaching my weight goal. Check the link here for my review of the book.

5. THE INNOCENT MAN by John Grisham – for the longest time I haven’t read a novel. For the start of the year I tried reading my first John Grisham book. Great read. Hopefully I could find more time reading books for leisure.

6. HONOR’S REWARD by John Bevere – maybe the book that will set the course for my year 2011. I started practicing the principle of honoring and it has reaped wonderful return of God’s blessing and favor. Highly recommend for everyone to read this.

7. PORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN by Mark Driscoll – if you are struggling with porn or if you want a theological take on pornography I highly recommend this one. It is candid, frank and biblical.

8. PASTOR DAD by Mark Driscoll – Latest book Ive read. This book encourages, challenges and instructs men how to be great biblical dads. Convicted by this book having 2 daughters who I pray would grow up to fear God.

9. GRACENOMICS by Mike Foster – a book birthed by a passion to dispense grace in an age of hate, violence and apathy. Great and refreshing read to remind us that God’s grace is to be experienced by all in everyday living.

10. IMAGINARY JESUS by Matt Mikalatos – my 2nd novel for the year, yehey!!! A novel with a theological look on Jesus. Love this and was laughing all throughout reading this book. Convicted also because of how we try to stereotype Jesus to the Jesus we want.

11. MONEY: GOD OR GIFT? by Jamie Munson – Dave Ramsey meets Wayne Grudem. A theological look at finance. I highly recommend this book. Changes how you see money. I think Jamie Munson has more insights than Robert Kiyosaki.

12. FRESH WIND, FRESH FIRE by Jim Cymbala – the church is to be called a house of prayer. Take home – spirit gives birth to spirit, flesh gives birth to flesh. The church is a spiritual body manifesting itself in the physical. So if I want to see transformation in the church and in the city where God has called me, I have to birthed it in prayer. EVERYBODY MUST READ THIS BOOK


Effects of Pornography by Patrick Fagan Ph.D. – I love the study here. It shows us the effects of porn not just in an indiividual but in marriages, family and the city. Scary article but a must read. This is available for free download just google it.


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