monday thoughts

– worship was the best this Sunday! I am amazed at how excellent our team is. Right from the time you enter Music Museum you are greeted by the friendliest ushers in the world (and I am not exaggerating).– the moment 4pm or pm starts – worship team enters the stage. This Sunday was the … Continue reading “monday thoughts”


Thanks for reading my blog the last time around “Why Jesus and religious people don’t mix”, and was reading it again and felt tugged by the Holy Spirit that there was PRIDE in how I blogged it. For that I am sorry! I think the lesson is to each his own. Some people might love … Continue reading “TOO STRONG”

Handling Criticism

– one of the things every pastor would face in their ministry is criticism. Some constructive some destructive. Since planting our church in Greenhills we have received a number of criticisms. Some good, some bad, some meant to be ignored, some meant to be considered.– After 4 months of church, we have some interesting suggestions … Continue reading “Handling Criticism”

Organic Christianity

Organic is the in thing now! Whether you are in the grocery or at the drugstore – organic it is! Organic rice, vegetables, herbs, spices, chicken, egg, milk, vitamins. Not only is it in but it is very expensive. Why is this so? Because organic nowadays is very rare. How about organic Christianity? Christianity that … Continue reading “Organic Christianity”


we are 4 months and going strong! I am excited about church and the relationships we have built. My wife and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful team of volunteers.– church is the hardest organization to lead because they are run by volunteers. But so far, I am really blessed with a … Continue reading “Volunteering”