Get out of the Way…..

Pastor Steve, president of our Every Nation Ministries, surprised us last Sunday by attending our 6pm service. He was with his wife Ms. Deborah and his son Johnny. When I heard he was coming, I offered to give him my preaching slot. I heard he gave a very powerful, convicting message that he blogged about. … Continue reading “Get out of the Way…..”

Loving the City

A church planter must not fall in love with the four corners of his church. If a church planter’s goal is to fill the place with people then he misses the whole point. You can have a large church that is not making a noise in the community. You can have a Sunday congregation, a … Continue reading “Loving the City”

Building a Great Church?

For every church planter there is a measure of pressure to build a great church. A church that would offer endless religious programs, state of the art facilities, great entertaining preachings that would bring people back to church week by week. For most church planters the burden is too heavy to bear. Many church planters … Continue reading “Building a Great Church?”

We’ve only just began

– VCF Greenhills has finally launched! Sunday was awesome. We had 800+ people attend our services – 4pm and 6pm. A great start – a fantabulous start!– How in the world could you start a church with 800 people? – Don’t ask me – ask the volunteers.– Church plant in the past is way different … Continue reading “We’ve only just began”

Clueless Pep Talk

Moses was now dead – the leadership was passed on to an inexperienced, clueless young man named Joshua. Moses at the end of his life, publicly passed the leadership to Joshua. Here God reassures Joshua….. “Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into … Continue reading “Clueless Pep Talk”