Wanted: More Volunteers

In less than a month, we would be starting our Victory Christian Fellowship – Greenhills. This week we are finally finalizing all the papers. In line with the recent developments, our Greenhills church is looking for people who would like to serve in the following ministries Ushering: we need the friendliest, courteous men and women … Continue reading “Wanted: More Volunteers”

entry 22: prayer walk

– we just finished our prayer walk at greenhills. I got there 30 minutes ahead of time to prepare myself for the walk. What did i do to prepare myself? Get a Egg McMuffin from Mcdonalds.– we had 20 people join us for the prayerwalk. we paired and divided the routes we would take. Before … Continue reading “entry 22: prayer walk”

Entry 20: Volunteers

– I really thank God for the leaders who have volunteered for our church plant in Greenhills.– i never fail to get a POSITIVE response from others every time i tell them the names of my volunteers. The Greenhills church has the most awesome, passionate, missional, generous volunteers you could ever ask for.– our leadership … Continue reading “Entry 20: Volunteers”

Entry 19: Clueless Update

Hey, its been a long time since I haven’t blog but the week has been pretty exciting. We are on the final stage of finalizing our negotiations for our facilities. So check out next week’s blog about the details. We visited our church construction at Robinson’s Pioneer that Pastor Luther Mancao is leading. Seeing the … Continue reading “Entry 19: Clueless Update”