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March 16, 2012

Bite Size Meetings

Meetings can either bore you to death or excite you to act.

To make meetings more productive and lively – make it bite size.

Instead of having long boring 6 hours meeting, cut it down to an hour or two and meet twice a week.

By cutting the meeting to bite size agendas, the team would have a clearer outcome objective.

Example: Today we meet to talk only about our Sunday Services. Talk for an hour on the topic – from feedbacks, programs, to do betters and etc. By the end of an hour or two stop and dismiss the meeting with action points for accountability.

On Thursday, let’s meet with Discipleship as our agenda. Meet for two hours. Discuss, debate and plan. When cut to bite sized pieces, minds would be sharper and the attention span longer.

Try it this month and see the difference. End those long boring meetings!!!!