September 24, 2016

Daily Grind #10: It’s Always Better Together

Let me start this day by telling you a reality when it comes to reaching your goals – you can’t do it alone.

You need help.

You need others

Working in group replaces the weakness of the individual with the strength of the group. In our movement – we created a plumb line and call it #bettertogether.

Here is why we are Better Together


  1. We watch each other’s back.

We all have blind spots and we need someone to point this to us. All of us are unaware of certain attitudes we have that can only be worked on when somebody points it to us. Thus it is important to be vulnerable to your team. We can’t have artifical harmony – we need absolute trust to acheive more.

2. We push each other forward to greatness.

Whether we admit it or not, we need someone to push us to the limit. We need an encourager who will tell us to fight on, to keep on and to not quit. We need others to push us to greatness. Yes, I know that we are responsible for our choices but it would be a big boost to have someone push you towards your destiny.

I thank God for men and women who have pushed me towards fulfilling my purpose. I thank God for men who told me to look at the mirror and discover myself. I thank God for men and women who confronted me when I was getting proud and put me back to the ground.

3. We work along side each other

You should never work alone. You need other to pace with you. You need not only coaches and mentors but colleagues who will work along side you especially when everybody else thinks that your idea or project is not worth pursuing.

I remember an instance during one of our meetings when I was about to make a decision to stop the expansion plans we were planning to launch. As the leader of the group, I had the final say but one by one – our team started infusing faith in me and assured me that our team had what it takes- as long as we work along side each other- we can make it happen.
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