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January 09, 2012

Becoming aware of God’s Story in your Praying Life

God is the best author of our lives. He sees every thing we go through. He even sees the faith, the joy, the pain, the tears when we pray.

Sometimes we ask God, ” Lord I have been praying for this request for years and why isn’t it being answered?”

Let me tell you why. God is weaving a story.

We all know that God is sovereign. God is in control.

Unanswered prayers create some tensions in the story God is weaving in our lives.

It is no time to complain but it is a good time we ask ourselves,  “what pattern is God weaving?

Since our first year of church in Greenhills, we have been praying for a place to call our own. For four years we prayed and nothing happened. We thought it would be impossible to get a place. We thought God was saying no forever.

But God is weaving a story for our church. With our new place now, I realized why it wasn’t given to us in our first or second year. God was preparing the church. God was weaving first our character as a church before He gives us the place. He wanted us to be the church first to the city.

Sometimes we ask God, “Lord how long will it take?” To tell you honestly, some prayers would take 7 minutes, some 7 days, some 7 months, some 7 years, some 7 decades but no matter how long or short the wait is, the praying life is about becoming aware of the story God is doing in your life.

Happy 4th day of fasting!!!


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