so young?

ever since planting Greenhills church, one of the most common comment I get from people is that “YOU ARE SO YOUNG?” This week has been same – someone hesitated to introduce me as their pastor because I was so young. I also had a counselling session with someone I’ve never met and was surprised to … Continue reading “so young?”


you guys might have heard about the PORTALET – the protable toilet that you usually see during concerts held outside a building.have you heard of a PORTACHURCH? it is a current trend among many churches now who can’t afford or would want to wait for funds to come before they build their own building. Such … Continue reading “portachurch”

step up…..

– can’t imagine we are entering our 5th month this coming Sunday. We have seen how our church thrive the past few months. We started this church with 80 leaders and 400 members.– as of present, we are seeing a harvest and our services continue to grow.– But like with any church plant, we did … Continue reading “step up…..”