small matters

small matters……. its the small things that make the BIG things in a worship experience. – we just finished our worship service a few hours ago and we had so many new people in church. It seems every week, we see dozens of new faces. 4 people gave their lives to Jesus today.– I was … Continue reading “small matters”

Purple Church

I just finished reading the book Purple Cow by Seth Godin and the book just blew me away! If there is a book I would recommend pastors to read – it is this book. The book challenges us to THINK! WHY DO WE EXIST? WHAT MAKES JESUS REMARKABLE? HOW ARE WE, AS A CHURCH , … Continue reading “Purple Church”

Find your Niche

How do we become more effective pastors and church planters? One of the things we dealt with early on in our church planting was : WHO ARE WE TARGETING? As much as I want all people to be in our church it just won’t happen. Several examples to prove this point: 1. I have friends … Continue reading “Find your Niche”