local church

I had a very weird meeting last week. An attendee in church wanted to talk to me. So we had an appointment and I ask one of our leaders to sit in the meeting as well. She started of by saying ” This is what the LORD wants me to tell you so you better … Continue reading “local church”


– leading a church is a learning process. Looking at some of my blogs made me see how some reactions I had is a good example that I am a work in progress.– just this week after my preaching I received two feed backs from people who heard the message.– I was very happy with … Continue reading “listen”

assets and liabilities

Had a long talk with a businessman last night. He had been successful all his life. He had a multi million business. His face was plastered in business magazines and was frequently invited to all social gatherings of the rich. His business was his life UNTIL……. his business went down. His face is still in … Continue reading “assets and liabilities”