cure to burnouts…

– pastoring is a tough job! I’ve always thought youth ministry is hard – wait till you plant a church.– the past 6 months has been an exciting ride for me and my my family. I can’t even thank God enough for the faith stretching moments, the leadership tests and the healthy stress that comes … Continue reading “cure to burnouts…”

where are we going?

Had a terrific night with some singles and young couples in church last night. Ever since starting the church God has really given us the burden (drive, the call, the grace or whatever you might want to call it) to reach the next generation. I am not just talking about students and the youth but … Continue reading “where are we going?”

Church Pirates

BE WARNED CHURCH PLANTERS AND PASTORS.CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO BY PASTOR ED YOUNG Something to think about. Totally agree with the thing Ed was saying. Let’s catch fish in the ocean and not in another boat.