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September 15, 2012

Attention to Details

Every worship service takes a lot of planning and hard work. Sometimes we think church is just about preaching and singing. We tend to forget that somebody put up the chair. Somebody is thinking about the flow of the service, the safety of the public. In short, it is not just the pastors who make things happen. The people that volunteers and helps think of the details in the service makes it happen.

How detailed should we be as a church?

As detailed as we can be.

It means somebody is measuring if the airconditioner is too cold and find an appropriate temperature. In Greenhills, we have a standard room temperature. So you can’t really say its hot or cold. It is the same room temperature all year round.

It means we smell and clean our comfort rooms. If the foul smell is > than the perfume, we find ways to mask the foulness of smell. We clean our comfort rooms to make it comfortable for kids to use during Sunday.

It means we sanitized our mats and toys. We try humanly possible to make our stuff clean so that no diseases would spread because of our stuff.

It means our chair spacing is measured. It’s not too tight and it’s not too spacy. It is the standard measurement we are using now. Thanks to our ushering team and our building coordinator who has been studying it and looking for feedbacks when it comes to our seating capacity and seating space.

Here is one of our guys measuring it. He does this every week to ensure the people to have adequate space for worship. That is 700 chairs every week!!!

Once again a shout out to all the volunteers and even our team members who are making it happen every week. So next time you vist the church, appreciate the hard work that goes into the details. And if your church is not into details and you have read this, it’s time somebody steps up  – YOU!!!!!