June 12, 2012

An Implied Gospel is GOSPEL FAIL

When we preach every week, we are given an opportunity to preach the gospel in every situation that our congregation is going through. The gospel is not some invitation for people to go to heaven with Jesus as their ticket. The gospel is a declaration of God’s love, grace, wrath, mercy and sovereignty.  The gospel is pointing people to the only source of life and answer.

An implied gospel is a gospel FAIL. It is crucial to center everything we do – from our preaching, worship, discipleship, kid’s ministry and the rest of our lives on the gospel. The gospel is big enough. It can hold up. The gospel is versatile, and the Bible talks about one story. Many sermons we can make, but there is one story line.

GOD is GOD. MAN is SINFUL. JESUS came to SAVE US. EVERYTHING WE NEED IS FOUND IN CHRIST. It doesn’t get boring preaching this every week. We need to hear this everyday until the gospel lives in us.