September 15, 2015

What Preachers and Communicators can learn from #ALDUB

As of now, every Filipino knows #ALDUB ( the love team of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza). The trending videos and the record retweets of 6.7 million worldwide shows that whatever Eat Bulaga is doing – they just have to continue doing it.


As I watched some of the videos of #aldub, the key in getting the kalye serye reached millions everyday is the humor and the spontaneity of the actors in the segment. The trio of Tito, Vic and Joey comments on what is happening, while the actors waits for the dubsmash and act it out with great spontaneity and humor.

To be spontaneous at something, you must privately practice and master the craft. According to sociologist Malcolm Gladwell, a person to be good at his craft needs to rake in 10,000 hours.


Maine Mendoza was hailed as the Dubsmash Queen because of hours and hours of practice in acting. Ever since she was young, she wanted to become an actress and started doing what she loves even in her own private time.

Same goes with preachers who preach week in and week out. We need to be students of the Word. Let the Word of God possess you that when hearers hear you preach – they would see what it means for a man or a woman to be full of the word. Sa Tagalog – may #hugot ka!

I think Richard Baxter sums up well what I am trying to say:

“In the name of God, brethren, labor to awaken your own hearts, before you go to the pulpit, that you may be fit to awaken the hearts of sinners.  Remember they must be awakened or damned, and . . . a sleepy preacher will hardly awaken drowsy sinners.  Though you give the holy things of God the highest praise in words, yet, if you do it coldly, you will seem by your manner to unsay what you said in the matter. . . . Speak to your people as to men that must be awakened, either here or in hell.  Look around upon them with the eye of faith, and with compassion, and think in what a state of joy or torment they must all be for ever; and then, methinks, it will make you earnest, and melt your heart to a sense of their condition.”

?Richard Baxter, quoted in J. I. Packer, A Quest for Godliness (Wheaton, 1990), 279.