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December 08, 2010

The Acts 16:31 promise

This is Anne Sapinoso – one of her dream is to see her family get saved. Last week, she witness and help baptized her mom and her daughter. This is her story.

Acts 16:31 …“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household”

I grew up in a Christian  family  but thave no ” RELATIONSHIP ” with the Lord, not until we attended one sunday at Victory Ortigas way back 2004. The following year I attended Victory weekend and was baptized, the next year my husband did the same thing.

Through those years, we realized how important spiritual discipline and church was for our spiritual growth. We have by God’s grace built on our marriage and our family and have seen how God had transformed us. One of our prayer was for our family to also experience the love of God.

Last December 5, our prayers were answered. My mother and my daughter fully surrendered and publicly declared their faith in Christ.

Nanay told me that she wanted to attend Victory weekend and she asked her  Victory group leader if she could finish the one2one booklet. I saw the passion in her, the passion I’ve never seen before.

My daughter really wanted to be part of Victory weekend also even if her dad and I will be away for a month. I’m amazed that God wanted me to witnessed this momentous event of my mother and my only daughter getting baptized.  I  won’t even exchange this experience of helping baptized my mom and my daughter for a vacation in the States.

The promise Acts 6:31 might be the prayer for most of us.  I just want to encourage everyone to pray and be believe, because we know that God is in control. Nothing is impossible with our GOD.


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