November 28, 2010

A generous church

I have been praying that our church would be a generous church. Last week we challenged our people to bring something they value and give it to others. What happened today was pretty amazing.

One working student got the surprise of her life. She had dreamt of experiencing what it is to become a full time student because ever since she went to college she had to work in a fastfood chain which means from 8am to 430pm she would be in school and 6pm to 11am and sometimes till 1 am she has to work to be able to pay her tuition fee. Today she received so much blessing that her tuition fee for the year is almost covered.

Another student who was forced to stop school because of scoliosis and is in need of spinal surgery. She needs to raise 220,000 pesos. After the service people started flocking to her and blessing her.

A single mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the start of the year – with 3 kids and chemotheraphy, she persevered even in the toughest time. She had to quit her job because of cancer. Today, people blessed her with financial help.

Another member of the church reported to us that she received a call today from her landlord telling her family that she wants to buy a house for them. Not the one they are living in now but a bigger one. Hopefully by next year they get the house.

Prior to Nikki giving her guitar to the church, 2 more people have given their precious guitar for church use.

A couple bought 14 starbucks coffee and gave it to the people going inside the church

One of our member gave his only car away. He now commutes to work.

We also have had stories of people giving away their ITOUCH, classic Jordan shoes, money, drumsticks, drum pedals, shirts, cellphones, food and the like.

We saw people crying because some stranger approached them giving them either clothes, food or money. It was an awesome sight.

This is ACTS church!!! Church that is generous. Keep it up Victory Greenhills

Acts 2:44 All the believers were together and had everything in common.
Acts 2:45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.


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