on discipleship

December 06, 2010

60 baptized

We just concluded our last Victory Weekend for the year with 60 people baptized. Stories behind every transformation was amazing. Also excited to see so many men dedicating their lives to Jesus.

Awesome to see high school students giving their lives to Jesus.

Pastor Bojo and Joash leads our ministry to the students. The man in green has brought so many of his friends to Jesus. Great job Avram!

Below is Randy ( 6’5). The tallest man I have baptized so far. We had to do the baptism twice because we can’t put him down. I thought having Roy on my side would do the trick but we need the help of another big guy, Jaret to baptize Randy.

Pastor Joash was challenged also with another six footer. We baptized 4 tall men. The most we had the last 3 years.

One of our victory group leader has been praying that her househod would get saved and one by one God captured their heart. As of present, her sister, her brother in law and his fiancee are already baptized.