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January 22, 2012

5 Reasons your Kids need to go to Kids Church

Since our launch of our KID’S Ministry in Greenhills, we have seen an explosive growth in our kid’s church. Why are kids telling their parents that they can’t miss kid’s church. Let me give you 5 reasons:

1. In Kid’s church, we point your kids to Jesus. The goal of our Kid’s ministry is for your kids to learn how to dependent on Jesus for everything. Starting them young would help them as they grow older to depend on God more.

2. We offer one of the best kid’s church services ever! I am not exaggerating but when I visited our kids ministry facility, I thought I was at gymboree. We have state of the art technology in our kid’s ministry hall.

3. Kids worship!!!

We have some of the best worshipers and musicians imparting what real worship is to our kids. Every 5th sunday of the month, our kid’s church team leads worship in our adult service.You can never underestimate pure and authentic worship when you see the kids lead in worship.

4. We have some of the best and dedicated volunteers in the world! With 200+ kid’s ministry volunteers serving every month, we see to it they are equipped in handling kids week in and week out.

5. The best KIDS CHURCH PASTOR Larry is leading the pack.