on discipleship

April 19, 2012

300 people experienced Victory Groups

For the past two weeks, we have been having record numbers of people getting plugged in to Victory Groups. We started an outreach event called NEED TO SUCCEED for the next three Wednesdays. Our objective was to create an avenue for people to be part of Victory groups and not just attend church but actually experience what church is.

Last night, we had Acel Van Ommen of the famed MoonStar 88 and now a solo recording artist shared her testimony. It was amazing to see how the gospel has changed her and transformed her from being an insecure girl – to a famous insecure woman – now to a gospel saturated dangerous woman for God. Acel is the woman who discipled Rock Icon Yeng Constantino who shared her story on the first week of our NEED TO SUCCEED event.

Best selling author and speaker and one of Victory Greenhills’ ministry leader Chinkee Tan shared his success story and ended sharing the gospel and how everything could be meaningless apart from Christ.

Also last week’s talk by Ardy Abello on Success and how we can only achieve success with God’s help made people realize that we may gain the whole world but if we lose our soul in the process then what use is our success.

But the thing that we rejoice most is the number of people being plugged in and experiencing what it means to be in a Victory group (small group). To see so many people not wanting to leave but share their experiences and the things they have learned and hearing how the gospel can transform them is truly rewarding.

Prayer points:

Just want to request for you to pray that the people who came would experience Jesus and that they will be discipled.

Pray for more Victory Group Leaders to take the challenge to make disciples.