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August 01, 2011

10 Preaching Tips to Inspire

As pastors, we must first preach the gospel to ourselves before we proclaim to the world the necessity of a Savior.  How damnable it would be to die of malnutrition while we busily prepare food for others.

—Scott Thomas

The best advice we ever give is that of a poor sinner to another poor sinner. As one who looks to herself, lest she also be tempted.  As one who knows he needs to be encouraged as well.  As one who doesn’t assume to know another’s heart and pain.

—Mark Altrogge

If one wanted to find the biggest problem in Christianity then listen to the preachers. Whatever most preachers are avoiding in their sermons. Whatever most preachers are not addressing. Those things are probably going to be the things that are most needed today.

—Sherman Haywood Cox II

Sermons are not made for paper; they are made for people. They are to be listened to. Just like Ford test-drives any prototype before they produce the vehicle, you should test drive your sermon by listening to it before you preach it.

—Mark Mohler

We all know that it is important to know what you are teaching, but it is becoming even more important to know how they are learning.

—Wayne Cordeiro

To help people change, you’ve got to help them see the lie they’re basing their behavior on. That’s why when you know the truth, it sets you free.

—Rick Warren

What the world is looking for is an authoritative Gospel spoken through a humble personality.

—P.T. Forsythe

People don’t transform because of a good message. They transform because of a great Jesus.

—Pete Wilson

Lectures are a fine way to impart raw information. But it’s not enough to make disciples who make other disciples. Information transfer isn’t enough, we need life transfer. Don’t tell me, show me.

—Jon Reid

When preachers hold a Bible in their hands, they hold nothing more than pages of ink…Preaching brings the ink of the text alive—makes it real. The goal of preaching is to hand on an experience of God.

—Tom Rogers

compiled by Toni Ridgaway